We are part of a massive universe
With endless opportunities and miracles 
In this universe there is something called World.
World is a place where opportunities and miracles takes place. 
We are all part of a Journey called life
But there is something important we need to remember.
There is inner and outer world in our life
We need to look within our inner world to get clarity of outer world.
More you dive deep within faster you rise above in outer world
But more you are stuck in outer world
Lesser you experience opportunities and miracles
For to realize endless possibilities and miracles
Always look within and not else where
Don’t live to seek the worldly possessions as they are merely a myth
The real happiness you seek will always come from within

– Darshan Joshi


Good and bad ME


As I look in the mirror
I see good me bad me
A devil with destructive mind
A angel with constructive mind
Sometimes I go with devil
Sometime I follow with angel
The problem is they both love me
That’s me, good and bad
There is battle
A battle of good and bad
A battle of right and wrong
A battle of selfishness and selflessness
A battle of love and lust
A battle of courage and fear
A battle that never stops
A rage of fire that burns me
A peace of mind that enlightens me
That’s me,  good and bad
Eyes that kills like a arrow
And sparkle like a star
Words which stabs deep
And inspires deep
Hands blaming others
And  holding others
What I have learned is
There is always be good and bad me
There will always be joy and suffering
There will always be fears
What matter is how we live through it
How we face fear and kill our devil
How we embrace what’s best in us
How we accept ourselves with love
How we give out what world needs
We were not here to judge or to be judged
We are here to live and let live

– Darshan Joshi

Society you crazy breed

Society you crazy breed
I hope you are not lonely without me
You set the rules that I can’t follow
You live with prejudices that I don’t agree
You give me care which I don’t need
You love me more which i want no more
With all your concerns you pull me down
You push me, you drag me to your level
You make me see things which I don’t want to
You say things which will never happen to me
You put your opinion about life on me
Not knowing it’s my Life and my rules
Society you crazy breed
I hope you are not lonely without me

I see, I feel and I experience the things I want to
I live my life the way I want to
I fall down and I get up
You push me back and I have courage to move ahead
You look into eyes and I look back at you
You groan and I smile
See, that’s the difference between you and me
Society you crazy breed
I hope you are not lonely without me

Its one life and I dare to dream
I refuse to be a part of rat race
I refuse to walk on your steps
I ignore what you have to say about life
Life is me and I am life and its just once i am born
I live the way I want,
I will feel the way I want
I will love the way I want
I cry the way I want
When the day will come when its all over
I would say I lived my life my way
No regrets No guilt No anger
A smile on my face coz I lived my way
Society I hope you are not lonely without me
– Darshan Joshi ( Inspired by song – Society by Eddie Vedder)

Just a thought of you

Just a thought of you

You are like a glowing star in my world
your twinkling and shinning makes darkness beautiful
Just a thought of you gives me peace.

You are to me what nature is to this world
you are to me what water is to fish
you are to me what sun is to nature
and you are to me what flower is to a bee
just a thought of you makes me smile.

A sense of security and trust
A feeling of bliss and assurance
looking at your eyes a raise follows to my heart
touch my soul and calms me down
just a thought of you gives me peace.

I fall down and you lift me up
I cry and you make me laugh
you have the power to melt my anger
you teach me to fit my own demons.
just a thought of you makes me a better person.

like a stimulating summer morning
like a beautiful autumn afternoon
Like a foggy wet evening
And like a cold snowy night
Just a thought of you makes me love life.

You are a moment
A moment when a child opens eyes for the first time
A moment when the sun meets the moon
A moment when a little bird open its wings to fly
A moment when drop of rain falls on a dry land
A moment when a flower blossoms
Just a thought of you gives me a reason to live

– Darshan Joshi

Blink of an eye

Blink of an eye
As you walk by the road on a full moon night
You caught my eyes as you shined brighter then star light
You looked into my eyes and my heart stopped
Suddenly everything was dark and it was just you and the moon light
Bright and sparkling as an angel from heaven
And as my eyes blinked i see you were gone

As i walk by the beach on a cloudy day
I could hear tides and felt they were walking with me
As i turned to the direction of the wind, i saw you
Walking with the rhythm of the tides besides the shore
With your hair flying in the direction of wind
Playing with your hair you looked at me
Before i could smile my eyes blinked and you were gone

Sitting on the river bank feeling the silence of nature
As I looked at the reflection of my face on the water
I saw your Beautiful face besides me on tiny river tides
It felt you were part of me following me through the journey
I smiled with my eyes wide open knowing if i blink you would disappear
Looking into your eyes i felt i had drowned into you
Feeling like soul without body and rain without clouds
But this time you blinked your eyes and i disappeared
Only to realize it was me who disappeared always and not you

– Darshan Joshi




Thank you for loving me…..

Thank you for loving me

Long before I was born I was destined to be yours
The day I was born felt like it was meant to be
With my little eyes seeing you laugh and cry
With my little hands longing for you to hold
Even my crying face made you love me so much
I couldn’t say at that time
Thank you for loving me
The day I smile for the first time
The day I spoke for the first time
I could feel the unconditional love
Sorry I made you wake up whole night
Sometimes looking up the ceiling, sometimes crying
You waking up whole night and still managed to kiss me and smile
I couldn’t say at that time
Thank you for loving me
As I grew I was naughty and you ran behind me
You protected me you, taught me and made my life beautiful
First day of my school you made me look like a hero
Making me learn things, playing with me and feeding me
You gave me love,care and attention
I couldn’t say at that time
Thank you for loving me
I grew and made mistakes with a young angry blood
Still you gave me love ,care and attention
My past , my present and my future
My education, my health and my values
You took care of all
I spoke for myself , for everyone ,for country
But I couldn’t say this to you
Thank you for loving me
I might me selfish, fool and dumb
But u always makes me feel like I am the smartest
I hurt you, might have spoken harshly
But you stood there observing the changing me
Yet I could see the same care and love when I was little
I learned how to love , how to respect and be patient
I learned that no matter how much I fail you are there
But how stupid I could be not saying you
Thank you for loving me
I wonder how someone can love me so much
M I worth of these love and care
I wonder I could ever be like you
I wonder i could ever do what you have done for me
The hardwork , the caring and sacrifices
I wonder what will I do without you
Thank you…thank you soooooo much for loving me

Darshan Joshi

Who are you ??

You are always on my mind
When I close my eyes I see you
When I open my eyes I think of you
When I try to let go I some how hold on to you
Tell me , who are you ?
Are you a part of me ?
Are you a reflection of me ?
You have the power to stop my heart
You have the power to make me dream
Tell me, who are you ?
Are you my past , present or future ?
Is it me you are looking for or just my imagination
Tell me ,who are you ?

– Darshan Joshi

That is who i am…

I am not here to be perfect
Nor to show the world what I can be
Yes I dream, I cry, I laugh
Sometimes I am good, sometimes bad and sometimes ugly
That is who I am
Yes I fall down I get up
I try, believe me I try
Yes I Love, I hope and I trust
That is who I am
Yes I get hurt sometimes by people, sometime by my own anger
There are dark days, bright days and cloudy days
Still I look up and thank you
That is who I am
I Try to move on, sometimes let go , sometime ignore things
I fight with my past, present and future
To make peace with past, to enjoy my present and dream of future
That is who I am
There is always one question on my mind
Can my past be my future?
Can memories be reality of future?
Can I go back and bring back things which I lost
I know you are laughing from above
Still I look up and thank you
That is who I am

– Darshan Joshi