Blink of an eye

Blink of an eye
As you walk by the road on a full moon night
You caught my eyes as you shined brighter then star light
You looked into my eyes and my heart stopped
Suddenly everything was dark and it was just you and the moon light
Bright and sparkling as an angel from heaven
And as my eyes blinked i see you were gone

As i walk by the beach on a cloudy day
I could hear tides and felt they were walking with me
As i turned to the direction of the wind, i saw you
Walking with the rhythm of the tides besides the shore
With your hair flying in the direction of wind
Playing with your hair you looked at me
Before i could smile my eyes blinked and you were gone

Sitting on the river bank feeling the silence of nature
As I looked at the reflection of my face on the water
I saw your Beautiful face besides me on tiny river tides
It felt you were part of me following me through the journey
I smiled with my eyes wide open knowing if i blink you would disappear
Looking into your eyes i felt i had drowned into you
Feeling like soul without body and rain without clouds
But this time you blinked your eyes and i disappeared
Only to realize it was me who disappeared always and not you

– Darshan Joshi





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