Good and bad ME


As I look in the mirror
I see good me bad me
A devil with destructive mind
A angel with constructive mind
Sometimes I go with devil
Sometime I follow with angel
The problem is they both love me
That’s me, good and bad
There is battle
A battle of good and bad
A battle of right and wrong
A battle of selfishness and selflessness
A battle of love and lust
A battle of courage and fear
A battle that never stops
A rage of fire that burns me
A peace of mind that enlightens me
That’s me,  good and bad
Eyes that kills like a arrow
And sparkle like a star
Words which stabs deep
And inspires deep
Hands blaming others
And  holding others
What I have learned is
There is always be good and bad me
There will always be joy and suffering
There will always be fears
What matter is how we live through it
How we face fear and kill our devil
How we embrace what’s best in us
How we accept ourselves with love
How we give out what world needs
We were not here to judge or to be judged
We are here to live and let live

– Darshan Joshi


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