Purpose of being HERE and being YOU

Nothing is permanent, nor you and circumstances of life
And neither our emotions and relationships
It will change and it has to change not because it is destined
Because it follows the law of impermanence
We are made up of atoms and molecules 
Which die and reborn each fraction of second.
Still we hold on to the thought and attitude of
Me , My life , My things, My job, My money
But for real even your body isn’t yours.
Each day when you wake up, you are a new person
And a new day to look upon.
Make small improvements each day
Things which you hate or want to change
First step is to accept and embrace it 
Accept as your own and then thrive to change it
Because a grudge, anger, ego, disappointment and revenge
Will be like holding a burning coal in your hand ready to throw
But it’s only you who is getting burnt 
Try to live life not for past or future as they are event of life
Which either has ended or not even began
For the moment is now as you read this
As you breath in and out, as you blink your eyes
As you smile, as you smell, hear, watch and feel
Present is being you
Present is your purpose 
– Darshan Joshi


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