You and I in this beautiful world
Are like ends and beginnings
For I am at the edge of a cliff
And you are at bottom of the sea
Falling apart and rising together 
We push pull drag every events of our life
Just to be with each other
Because all in me loves all of you
I be me when I am with you
Every pain feels comforting
Every beat of my heart feels precious
I can die for you but I want to live with you
As you hold my hand the grip gets tighter
As you look into my eyes its shines brighter
As you talk with me I hear only you
As you walk with me I no more care what’s ahead of me
As our souls were meant to unite
You are to me
What’s sky is to sea and what’s sun is to flower
With you I can survive and flourish
You love all my negatives and I love all your positives
For I like all your imperfections
You are the reason of my life
And I am the meaning of yours
I will give all of me to have a piece of you
As you are the only one for me
I wish I am the only one for you
– Darshan Joshi


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