With your every touch
And the move you make
With every look you give
With every words you speak
You make me feel the feelings
Which were never been felt before
You give me rhythm
Rhythm to my heart singing your songs
Seeing your every curves
Makes me feel like I am flowing with it
And leaving my marks on every inch
You are the only star which shines so bright
In my darkest and deepest secrets of life
The way you smile and the way u tease
Makes me at ease and die in peace
I want to live with you and die for you
You are my past life, My present and my future
The way you send your vibes
The way you add up the spice
The way u sparkle your love
With your every move
Give me strangest and sweetest sensations
Your sourness and bitterness in every words
Tastes like sweetest poison that I could drink with smile on my face
You are my bad habit and strongest addictions
And your love is comforting toxication
Don’t need a rehab for this infection
As you my dangerous obsession
And I know your killer intentions
I am ready for any conclusion
Your love is my only motivation

– Darshan Joshi

Te amo…

Do you feel what I feel
When u look into my eyes
Do u have some strange sensation
Like I do when u touch me 
Do u feel amazing like I do
When u keep your hands on my shoulders
Do u want this moment to stop
As I listen to music sitting on bench
And u reading book sleeping on my lap
Don’t u feel it’s the perfect situation
Do u feel what I feel
When I hug u from back n kiss u on neck
As u turn around and play with your eyes
You smile and I pull u close
I close my eyes and u pull my ears
Feeling the perfect moment
As sun rises in the sky
As u slowly open your eyes
With ur messy hair and sleepy eyes
U pull me close and sleep on my chest
Wrapping around ur arms
That’s the moment I could die for
You love to talk n I love to listen
There is no need to understand situation
Coz being with you was the moment of truth
Coz you were the world for me too
Do you feel what I feel….
Darshan Joshi


There was a knock on my door
As she introduced her self
Hi, I am your memories
Can I come in?
Before I could say anything
She was inside
As I looked at her
Trying to figure out what she was up to
I could see flashes of her
Laughing, blushing, crying and shouting
I was mesmerized by her expressive face
As every mood of her pulled me towards her
I know it was hurting me
But I didn’t want her to go
As she swinged n danced around
Like a beautiful bird without direction
All those moments were digging deep into my heart
As I stood looking at her
My heart was heavy and eyes were teary
I had to stop her as something inside me was dieing
I shouted at her stop, stop right now
She came close to me looking into my eyes, she said
I will always be with you and never leave you
I said why do you give me pain
She smiled and said I don’t give you anything
I am just memories
But it’s you who choose to remember the wrong ones
Look deep and you will find more to cherish
Made me realize
As every breath I take a moment passes away and turns into memories
With every person I meet
With every words I speak
With every action I take
When every relationship I make
Will turn into memories
So why not make it a good one
And open my heart to her
As she knock my door next time
I would be happy to welcome her
With my arms wide open
As she would show me
Who I was
who I am
And who I might be
-Darshan Joshi


Someday you will realize
My feelings for you were true
Some day you will fantasize
Of us being together once again
Someday your heart will remember
The letter I wrote to you
Someday you will feel
How it felt hugging me for the first time
Someday you will see
Your beauty that set me free
Someday these grey clouds
Will make you miss me
Someday the day will come
When love will matter the most
Someday you will hear your soul
Speaking my name for you
Someday you will find me
Standing at front of your door
With roses and a blank letter
As every word in it will be written together
Someday we both will read it together
Sitting on bench in grey cloudy day
Someday it will happen, someday
As time won’t matter Moment will
– Darshan Joshi


Long and deep desires were gone
When you stepped out of my lawn
As you walk pass the drive way
I could see your shadow fading way
My heart was heavy
And my house was empty
As I close the door of my heart
I turned back and fell on my keens
With pieces of my broken heart
Seeing our picture on the wall
Wondering my life without you
I knew nothing at all
What is my life without you?
You were book of my life
And I just a chapter of yours
Sitting near the window
I hear echoes of your voice
I need to gain strength
To live another day
As I walk away from this reality
And lay myself on the illusion
Of you still being with me
– Darshan Joshi

Take it easy..

You know I am easy
Easy like a Sunday morning
Chilling, resting and lazing
It’s sometime good to do nothing
Your know I am walking
Flowing like clouds in the sky
No clue where I am heading
But i am quite enjoying
You know I am like falling leaves
All dried up but I fall gracefully
Sliding down with tranquility
You know it’s easy
Easy to be who you are
And not who you are expected to be
It’s ok to be called crazy for being natural
Rather than applauded for being fake
Because being simple is easy
Pretending is often hard and tiring
Try to flow and float in the river of life
Don’t rush and drown resisting changes
Try to feel it and you will know it
This moment now is easy
Easy like a Sunday morning
– Darshan Joshi

One Side …

I knew it was one side
From the first time
As you pretended and I intended
As you talked sweetly looking around
And my eyes tried to hold the ground
You were searching for security
I was holding onto you with my sincerity
As I was just a piece in your big world
And you were the whole world to me
You missed me when you needed me
I needed you when I missed you
Your every feeling was just an attraction
And my life without you is a dejection
As you kissed me with open eyes
I always knew it was pleasant disguise
You rejected every positives in me
I accepted every negatives of you
You were running to fast ahead
When all I wanted is to walk with you
You expected miracles to happen
When I accepted you as my miracle
After the wounds you gave me
I wish you could see me now
As I heal myself with words I write
– Darshan Joshi


I play with my imaginations
Always passing by life stations
Stop and close my eyes
To feel every situations
Experiencing life with rejections
Smiling at every acceptance
Trying to fit into social positions
Fall back again due to collisions
Stuck in reality and illusions
As I walk through different directions
Being judged by Social perceptions
Being forced to believe in superstitions
I fight back all fake assumptions
Being dragged to social competitions
As people let fearful ignitions
Battling for their life liberation
I watch being part of this revolutions
Trying to find real inspirations
As I play with my imaginations
– Darshan Joshi

Broken ……

It happened, it happened so fast
Oh no why didn’t it last
It was so crazily amazing
With time and time again
I need to remember, it is no more
We were reckless and sometimes helpless
We fell, we crawled and we stumbled together
We pushed, we pulled and we grabbed each other
So far from you still felt so close
With you’re every deliberate ignorance and arrogance
Made my heart bleed with no emotions
The words you spoke the things you thought
I try, believe me I try to forget and forgive
But scars are too deep and I am afraid to dive in
As you left me wandering and waiting
There was a door my heart which opened only for you
And now since you gone its locked and shut down
I try to find its keys to open and live
But its seems you have taken it when you left me
And someday I believe we will meet and talk not just speak
And finish off this riddle for once and forever
– Darshan Joshi