I should have known by now

If I ever lost my way
With all my apprehensions and dismay
Crawling through the chaos of life
Stumbling and falling through my pathway
With choices made full of regrets
Trying hard every time to forget
Wondering about life with whys and how
I should have known by now 
With all the expectations lad upon me
With every effort from myself to set free
With all these eyes following me like a shadow
Watching all my moves and decisions I have made
Fighting the prejudices and judgements which existed
Like a men with great vision walking in a wrong direction
Forcing my head to bow
I should have known by now
Knowing events that happened were my doings
Knowing that others opinion were their wrong doings
Knowing that my path was rightfully wrong
But walked every step with pride
I have lost and loved
Cried and smiled
With this crazy moves I made through life
I realize that’s it’s just one life
I should have known by now
– Darshan Joshi


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