Broken ……

It happened, it happened so fast
Oh no why didn’t it last
It was so crazily amazing
With time and time again
I need to remember, it is no more
We were reckless and sometimes helpless
We fell, we crawled and we stumbled together
We pushed, we pulled and we grabbed each other
So far from you still felt so close
With you’re every deliberate ignorance and arrogance
Made my heart bleed with no emotions
The words you spoke the things you thought
I try, believe me I try to forget and forgive
But scars are too deep and I am afraid to dive in
As you left me wandering and waiting
There was a door my heart which opened only for you
And now since you gone its locked and shut down
I try to find its keys to open and live
But its seems you have taken it when you left me
And someday I believe we will meet and talk not just speak
And finish off this riddle for once and forever
– Darshan Joshi


7 thoughts on “Broken ……

      1. Thank you for the kind words. I greatly appreciate it. May I reblog this poem of yours?

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