Letter to GOD…

I can’t see you but I Believe in you
I haven’t touched you but I feel you
As I walk I feel you walk besides me
As I talk I feel you are listening to me
You are not in a place
You are not in a statue
You are not in monuments
You are everywhere.
I know you try to connect with people
But they are so blind folded with their own fears
They search for you in temples, mosques and church
They don’t thank but they ask
They offer you things you don’t want
Money, flowers, candles, cloths, blanket, milk, animals
For you are far from materialistic things
You want people to help people not to fight
You want people to care for animals not to sacrifice
You want people to care for nature not to destroy
For all they want is materialistic satisfaction
Not knowing they will meet you spiritually.
People go on pilgrim to seek you
But they are unaware they will find you
By seeking spirituality within themselves
I know you try to connect but we are so blindfolded
We seek you outside rather than within.
You created us nature, animals and humans
With a purpose of Life with equal balance
Not knowing we humans will make it a battlefield
Where both winners and losers have one thing in common
They suffer the most
I wonder how people connect with you
By sacrificing animals and innocent souls
By walking bare foot give pain to themselves
By not eating for days and weeks
Or by dividing each other in the name of
Country, religion, color, sex and status
For all those things leads to disconnection from you
You never wanted us to suffer but we choose to suffer
You never wanted us to think you are rare to find
You never wanted us to fear you
For you are the one who is omnipresent
You try to connect with us each and every moment
But we are the ones who live in ignorance
For now is the time our prayers should not be
To seek something but to seek
Forgiveness and gratitude
– Darshan Joshi


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