When you love someone…

There is a time when you feel without seeing
With every breath there is constant chanting
Of a word you want to connect for life
Of a face you want to see every day
Of a person who is suddenly a part of you
After which life isn’t easy going as you watch you’re every step
As your action will always have some reaction
And with every reaction you will fall for her more
With your mind pre-occupied with crazy thoughts
Swinging your mood with fears and courage
Life changes its meaning and days its course
When nights are no more to sleep
And days are not enough to be together
A thought of her freezes you
A touch of her melt you
When I and mine is replaced by we and ours
You suddenly realize life has a purpose
Sometimes being possessive and jealous
Sometimes romantic and loving
Flowing through river of life together
Sometimes With hurtful expectations
And unbreakable attachments
But always Feeling gratitude towards life
Is what you feel
When you love someone
– Darshan Joshi


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