One Side …

I knew it was one side
From the first time
As you pretended and I intended
As you talked sweetly looking around
And my eyes tried to hold the ground
You were searching for security
I was holding onto you with my sincerity
As I was just a piece in your big world
And you were the whole world to me
You missed me when you needed me
I needed you when I missed you
Your every feeling was just an attraction
And my life without you is a dejection
As you kissed me with open eyes
I always knew it was pleasant disguise
You rejected every positives in me
I accepted every negatives of you
You were running to fast ahead
When all I wanted is to walk with you
You expected miracles to happen
When I accepted you as my miracle
After the wounds you gave me
I wish you could see me now
As I heal myself with words I write
– Darshan Joshi


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