There was a knock on my door
As she introduced her self
Hi, I am your memories
Can I come in?
Before I could say anything
She was inside
As I looked at her
Trying to figure out what she was up to
I could see flashes of her
Laughing, blushing, crying and shouting
I was mesmerized by her expressive face
As every mood of her pulled me towards her
I know it was hurting me
But I didn’t want her to go
As she swinged n danced around
Like a beautiful bird without direction
All those moments were digging deep into my heart
As I stood looking at her
My heart was heavy and eyes were teary
I had to stop her as something inside me was dieing
I shouted at her stop, stop right now
She came close to me looking into my eyes, she said
I will always be with you and never leave you
I said why do you give me pain
She smiled and said I don’t give you anything
I am just memories
But it’s you who choose to remember the wrong ones
Look deep and you will find more to cherish
Made me realize
As every breath I take a moment passes away and turns into memories
With every person I meet
With every words I speak
With every action I take
When every relationship I make
Will turn into memories
So why not make it a good one
And open my heart to her
As she knock my door next time
I would be happy to welcome her
With my arms wide open
As she would show me
Who I was
who I am
And who I might be
-Darshan Joshi


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