With your every touch
And the move you make
With every look you give
With every words you speak
You make me feel the feelings
Which were never been felt before
You give me rhythm
Rhythm to my heart singing your songs
Seeing your every curves
Makes me feel like I am flowing with it
And leaving my marks on every inch
You are the only star which shines so bright
In my darkest and deepest secrets of life
The way you smile and the way u tease
Makes me at ease and die in peace
I want to live with you and die for you
You are my past life, My present and my future
The way you send your vibes
The way you add up the spice
The way u sparkle your love
With your every move
Give me strangest and sweetest sensations
Your sourness and bitterness in every words
Tastes like sweetest poison that I could drink with smile on my face
You are my bad habit and strongest addictions
And your love is comforting toxication
Don’t need a rehab for this infection
As you my dangerous obsession
And I know your killer intentions
I am ready for any conclusion
Your love is my only motivation

– Darshan Joshi


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