Most elegant of all human species
You are the reason for our existence
Soft and smooth is the way you talk
Beautiful and flawless like a dancing Peacock
A pillar in most relationships
Giving love in spite of all hardships
A divine rhythm in everyone’s life
You love without expecting to be loved
Given yourself to a men with all you have
You are strongest of us all
Caring a life for 9months within you
Only a soul such pure can make It happen
There is a bliss in your serene beauty
Tough as a rock while protecting your loved ones
Soft as a flower when loving your loved ones
Your stand first during hard times
And last when there are happy ones
In this word, there is no life without you
Holding a life within you is the sign
Sign of most enlighten purines of soul in any living beings
Respect and love are the only things we can give
For countless deeds you do for us.

– Darshan JoshiIMG_21153620243013


Long, Long Time…

It’s has been long, long time
Clocks ticking don’t know why
Time is swiping away fast
reminding me of beautiful past
With every minute passing by
It reminds of you and your good bye
It has been long, long time
As I look at the road in front of me
And beautiful couple siting under the tree
I sit on the bench where we use to sit
Placing my hand on your favourite side
of the bench
As the sun above gracefully shines
It has been long, long time
Seeing old men selling candies
He smiles back offering me your favourite one
And says my friend this one is for free
Felt like he already knew there was something missing in me
It has been long, long time
As I walk Pass our favourite coffee shop
I peek at the corner where we use to sit
Sipping cappuccino with chocolate sticks
passing by the coffee shop
An old lady says it has been long time
As I turn back she lends me flowers which I use to buy
And says son this one is on me
As I smile back at her and kiss her on forehead
She looks at me and whispers
Son just let it go
As if she knew It was meant to be
It has been long, long time
– Darshan Joshiimaginings-leonid-afremov