Crazy Life ….

Crazy as it seems, this life is one of a kind
With tingling of the heart and wrecking of the brain
When I am with someone, I miss being single
When I am all alone, I try to mingle
Being thirsty I search and find an empty bottle
Hungry with no money I find everyone eating besides me
As I step outside the house and it rains heavily
As I board the bus on my way, it stops suddenly
Wondering why it happens I laugh silently
Seeing me laughing an old women looks at me strangely
Looking at a beautiful girl, she smiles at me
As I am about to smile, a guy walk pass me
Then next thing I see they hug and kiss deeply
I look up in the sky and the sun blinds me
I smile and try to walk with a blurry vision
And next thing I know is I step on a dog
It barks at me and I move a little sideways
A blue Mercedes speeding passes by me
Splashing dirty filthy water all over me
As I look around people are gazing at the car
Trying to clean my shirt, I feel pity on my self
Next thing I know dog want to play wagging his tail
I sit down and give little dog a warm dirty hug
And wonder
What a crazy stupid wonderful this life is
Darshan Joshi




The Three Musketeers….

Once upon a time, there were three men
Shiva, Jesus and Allah who lived in different parts of world
They looked different, they spoke differently and lived differently
Never met each other or even crossed paths
With a gentle smile and sparkle in their eyes
Seemed they were triplet sharing same traits
There was aura which attracted crowd
As they speak about life and love
Their purpose of life was very clear and simple
Their intention was pure and divine
They could speak about life for hours
And people listen to them for hours
As if they were listening to a beautiful song
They grew in fame but never wanted fortune
They had followers and fans who went crazy
Preaching of love and life was only thing they knew
Seeds of Expectation and attachment never grew
Selfless and humble with their deeds
Unaware their followers were claiming them as their own
Fighting with each other who were once their own
Shiva loved milk and could drink a whole bottle
His fan thought it was the only way to impress him
And wasted gallons of milk thinking they would influence
Jesus loved flowers and had a huge garden
Would smell and care for them enjoying its beauty
His fan thought it was the only way to impress him
Plucked all the flowers and gave it to him
Allah was an animal lover and loved his pets
Never thought his followers would kill them
And offer as a gift to impress
Never thought love would be replaced by fear
Selflessness would be replace by selfishness
Their journey was beautiful indeed
Only regret is they loved everyone
And people were happy to receive
Never thought they were ignorant to give
Love is the only thing which has its true meaning
When it given not received.
Darshan Joshi


Mending my heart…..

As I set down on the floor mending pieces of my broken heart
I could see his agony and pain he was going through
I said to him, why you are surrounded by strange sadness
With this deep feeling of emptiness around you
There is a silence of memories on my pathway
Stranded on an island with lost reminiscences
Pain in my eyes is craving for tears
Tell me why did it happened
I have lost what I had found which was precious to me
You know it, this is what happens every time with me
Someone who was never mine, is gone now
Why do you cry alone when there is no one to wipe your tears?
Forget those who have forgotten you since long
Or sing a song with me of painful memories
I have always followed whatever you believed
Then why this wild winds of sorrow surrounds me
Will this resentment follow me like a shadow?
I have tried to bow seeds of my dream to cut this pain
To heal wound of my heart and look forward for new beginning
I want you to take your first beat of happiness, my heart
And lock the memories inside a box and dig deep inside of me
I know with every heartbeat you will feel the ache
But eventually heaviness of the pain and rejection will dissolve
And someday,
Healing you will open doors to let light pierce within
Darshan Joshi


Happily ever after…

As cold air breezes by me
And sweet smell of wet mud fills the air
I look straight at pathway that once lead me to you
Feeling of being with you made my heartbeat go crazy
Feeling of you not being there too had that same feeling
Confused with which one was better and unable to decide
I wonder does happily ever after still exists
Going against the world was easy with you
Never thought flowing with the world would get harder without you
Being with you felt like world had stopped with blissful silence
Now as I try to move it seems world is stopping me to move on
A silence around me which feels so empty and hollow
I wonder does happily ever after still exists
Every fight with you left me frowning but with calmness
As I know you were there with me during better or worse
Now with this stillness and absence there is raging war within
I wonder loving you was better or fighting with you
As every event of my life was with you
Falling leaves as its own beauty when it fall apart from a tree
But it will always be a part of that beautiful love story
Standing alone for the tree is difficult and grim
A dry dead leaf has its own grace and poise
Making me feel the beautiful sadness in it
Wondering if happily ever after still exists
Darshan Joshi


“NOW” is where I want to be…

I need no apologies
Can live without sympathies
My life is wonderful as it is
I stopped judging my past
As I love myself for who I am now
People played their part and I played mine
Some have long gone
Some wants to hold on
I will walk my journey feeling proud of who I am
Who wish to join me I will always lend my hand
If you want to join me better give a sign
Or light a candle and I will reach you
As I bet my journey is already special
As days turn into nights
And summer turns into winter
As I grow older and be more wiser
I stop for moment to enjoy now
I don’t have a crystal ball to predict my future
Nor a time machine to travel back
I have learned it’s sometimes wise to accept reality
Rather than drowning with expectations
Hope is why these world exists
Love is why humanity prevails
Now is where I want to be than any other place I rather be
And there is a long road ahead of me before I finally sleep

– Darshan Joshi

Looking back..

Every day I try to see the change
But wherever I go I see the same old thing
I keep looking, looking for a beautiful smile
A smile which brighten my day and touches my heart
Even though I keep wishing of wanting you back
But you never know when my life would be back on track
It was like we tried to live a dream
Wanted stars to shine in bright day light
Loving each other carelessly
And saving ourselves from needless adversities
It was useless to stop something which was meant to be
When everything was falling apart
Thank you for showing me the real you
As I finally found the real me
Purpose of you in my life was over
And it was time for me to shed who I was
I am the person who I was meant to be
And you played your part in moulding my destiny
Sometime I do revisit the past for good
Which gives me strength to cherish my unfulfilled dreams

– Darshan Joshi

Little One….


With her beautiful innocent eyes
She is yet to see this world
Weak and scared as she looks around
Feeling warmth in someone arms
As she is held with intention of love
Born not in perfect condition
Abandoned by her own mother 
Only thing she is needs is love and care
Desperate to feel a motherly touch
Her big bright eyes only had one question
What was my fault when I came to this earth?
I had been told it’s a beautiful place
And all I got is rejection from my own
God is the person who held me now
Blessed are her deeds to take care of my weakness
Mother who cared for me all along
Might have some reason to let me go
It feel pain when something like this happen
My only wish for innocent souls
Who were born with no perfect condition
Find hand of god to be blessed and see this world
Because with her beautiful smile and little hands
Someday she would win this world
– Darshan Joshi

Lost World….

Where have we all lost
Lost in our selfish pleasures
This world is burning and crying of pain
Still every help of nature goes in vain
As we have poison in our veins
We kill, we push and we drag each other
Someone guide us and show us direction
As everything we do lead us to wrong direction
Why kill animals with beautiful soul?
Why kill women and children for some piece of Land?
Why do we claim what is not ours?
What are we trying to prove?
How disgusting and terrible we are?
In spite of having power to do good

We are lost in our selfish minds
Divided our self with religions
trying to prove we are greater than others
destroying our beautiful mother earth
with our selfish intentions
Nature is bleeding and crying for help
feels like evil spell making us blind and dumb
Dividing our self was the greatest mistake
claiming every piece of earth our bad Karma
Killing each other for religion proves we are lost
Guide us and help us from this self-destruction
War never stop with arms and ammunition
It has to lose against love, peace and humanity

Final Goodbye

Life oh Life come and talk to me
Give me reason and set me free
Hold my hands and take me to see
All those moments which are seize within me
Day I cried and laughed for the first time
Day I walk and ran near the river line
Show me please show me, who I was
And my life were meant to be
Tell me how I did and tell me what I did
With this one life, full of deeds
Did I put smile on others face?
Did I realize my purpose without losing grace?
Did I help who needed me?
Did my words showed what’s best in me?
Did I listen when someone spoke to me?
Did I do what I had to do?
Or did I do what was supposed to be done
As time passes on and people come and go
I have lost and found myself in this life
Loved, laughed and cried all my life
We born and we die what we do in the middle
Will always be remembered as we say final good bye
We cried and people smiled when we came
We smile and people cry when we go
Our name is just a name on paper
Our body is just a mass and matter
The only thing remains forever
Is what you did with your soulful heart?
And when our soul leave our body
The only things which grows
Are the seeds of happiness that you planted
On the garden of life for the people after you
Life oh life come and take me with you
– Darshan Joshi