Final Goodbye

Life oh Life come and talk to me
Give me reason and set me free
Hold my hands and take me to see
All those moments which are seize within me
Day I cried and laughed for the first time
Day I walk and ran near the river line
Show me please show me, who I was
And my life were meant to be
Tell me how I did and tell me what I did
With this one life, full of deeds
Did I put smile on others face?
Did I realize my purpose without losing grace?
Did I help who needed me?
Did my words showed what’s best in me?
Did I listen when someone spoke to me?
Did I do what I had to do?
Or did I do what was supposed to be done
As time passes on and people come and go
I have lost and found myself in this life
Loved, laughed and cried all my life
We born and we die what we do in the middle
Will always be remembered as we say final good bye
We cried and people smiled when we came
We smile and people cry when we go
Our name is just a name on paper
Our body is just a mass and matter
The only thing remains forever
Is what you did with your soulful heart?
And when our soul leave our body
The only things which grows
Are the seeds of happiness that you planted
On the garden of life for the people after you
Life oh life come and take me with you
– Darshan Joshi



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