Little One….


With her beautiful innocent eyes
She is yet to see this world
Weak and scared as she looks around
Feeling warmth in someone arms
As she is held with intention of love
Born not in perfect condition
Abandoned by her own mother 
Only thing she is needs is love and care
Desperate to feel a motherly touch
Her big bright eyes only had one question
What was my fault when I came to this earth?
I had been told it’s a beautiful place
And all I got is rejection from my own
God is the person who held me now
Blessed are her deeds to take care of my weakness
Mother who cared for me all along
Might have some reason to let me go
It feel pain when something like this happen
My only wish for innocent souls
Who were born with no perfect condition
Find hand of god to be blessed and see this world
Because with her beautiful smile and little hands
Someday she would win this world
– Darshan Joshi


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