Lost World….

Where have we all lost
Lost in our selfish pleasures
This world is burning and crying of pain
Still every help of nature goes in vain
As we have poison in our veins
We kill, we push and we drag each other
Someone guide us and show us direction
As everything we do lead us to wrong direction
Why kill animals with beautiful soul?
Why kill women and children for some piece of Land?
Why do we claim what is not ours?
What are we trying to prove?
How disgusting and terrible we are?
In spite of having power to do good

We are lost in our selfish minds
Divided our self with religions
trying to prove we are greater than others
destroying our beautiful mother earth
with our selfish intentions
Nature is bleeding and crying for help
feels like evil spell making us blind and dumb
Dividing our self was the greatest mistake
claiming every piece of earth our bad Karma
Killing each other for religion proves we are lost
Guide us and help us from this self-destruction
War never stop with arms and ammunition
It has to lose against love, peace and humanity


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