“NOW” is where I want to be…

I need no apologies
Can live without sympathies
My life is wonderful as it is
I stopped judging my past
As I love myself for who I am now
People played their part and I played mine
Some have long gone
Some wants to hold on
I will walk my journey feeling proud of who I am
Who wish to join me I will always lend my hand
If you want to join me better give a sign
Or light a candle and I will reach you
As I bet my journey is already special
As days turn into nights
And summer turns into winter
As I grow older and be more wiser
I stop for moment to enjoy now
I don’t have a crystal ball to predict my future
Nor a time machine to travel back
I have learned it’s sometimes wise to accept reality
Rather than drowning with expectations
Hope is why these world exists
Love is why humanity prevails
Now is where I want to be than any other place I rather be
And there is a long road ahead of me before I finally sleep

– Darshan Joshi


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