Crazy Life ….

Crazy as it seems, this life is one of a kind
With tingling of the heart and wrecking of the brain
When I am with someone, I miss being single
When I am all alone, I try to mingle
Being thirsty I search and find an empty bottle
Hungry with no money I find everyone eating besides me
As I step outside the house and it rains heavily
As I board the bus on my way, it stops suddenly
Wondering why it happens I laugh silently
Seeing me laughing an old women looks at me strangely
Looking at a beautiful girl, she smiles at me
As I am about to smile, a guy walk pass me
Then next thing I see they hug and kiss deeply
I look up in the sky and the sun blinds me
I smile and try to walk with a blurry vision
And next thing I know is I step on a dog
It barks at me and I move a little sideways
A blue Mercedes speeding passes by me
Splashing dirty filthy water all over me
As I look around people are gazing at the car
Trying to clean my shirt, I feel pity on my self
Next thing I know dog want to play wagging his tail
I sit down and give little dog a warm dirty hug
And wonder
What a crazy stupid wonderful this life is
Darshan Joshi




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