Happily ever after…

As cold air breezes by me
And sweet smell of wet mud fills the air
I look straight at pathway that once lead me to you
Feeling of being with you made my heartbeat go crazy
Feeling of you not being there too had that same feeling
Confused with which one was better and unable to decide
I wonder does happily ever after still exists
Going against the world was easy with you
Never thought flowing with the world would get harder without you
Being with you felt like world had stopped with blissful silence
Now as I try to move it seems world is stopping me to move on
A silence around me which feels so empty and hollow
I wonder does happily ever after still exists
Every fight with you left me frowning but with calmness
As I know you were there with me during better or worse
Now with this stillness and absence there is raging war within
I wonder loving you was better or fighting with you
As every event of my life was with you
Falling leaves as its own beauty when it fall apart from a tree
But it will always be a part of that beautiful love story
Standing alone for the tree is difficult and grim
A dry dead leaf has its own grace and poise
Making me feel the beautiful sadness in it
Wondering if happily ever after still exists
Darshan Joshi



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