Mending my heart…..

As I set down on the floor mending pieces of my broken heart
I could see his agony and pain he was going through
I said to him, why you are surrounded by strange sadness
With this deep feeling of emptiness around you
There is a silence of memories on my pathway
Stranded on an island with lost reminiscences
Pain in my eyes is craving for tears
Tell me why did it happened
I have lost what I had found which was precious to me
You know it, this is what happens every time with me
Someone who was never mine, is gone now
Why do you cry alone when there is no one to wipe your tears?
Forget those who have forgotten you since long
Or sing a song with me of painful memories
I have always followed whatever you believed
Then why this wild winds of sorrow surrounds me
Will this resentment follow me like a shadow?
I have tried to bow seeds of my dream to cut this pain
To heal wound of my heart and look forward for new beginning
I want you to take your first beat of happiness, my heart
And lock the memories inside a box and dig deep inside of me
I know with every heartbeat you will feel the ache
But eventually heaviness of the pain and rejection will dissolve
And someday,
Healing you will open doors to let light pierce within
Darshan Joshi



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