The Three Musketeers….

Once upon a time, there were three men
Shiva, Jesus and Allah who lived in different parts of world
They looked different, they spoke differently and lived differently
Never met each other or even crossed paths
With a gentle smile and sparkle in their eyes
Seemed they were triplet sharing same traits
There was aura which attracted crowd
As they speak about life and love
Their purpose of life was very clear and simple
Their intention was pure and divine
They could speak about life for hours
And people listen to them for hours
As if they were listening to a beautiful song
They grew in fame but never wanted fortune
They had followers and fans who went crazy
Preaching of love and life was only thing they knew
Seeds of Expectation and attachment never grew
Selfless and humble with their deeds
Unaware their followers were claiming them as their own
Fighting with each other who were once their own
Shiva loved milk and could drink a whole bottle
His fan thought it was the only way to impress him
And wasted gallons of milk thinking they would influence
Jesus loved flowers and had a huge garden
Would smell and care for them enjoying its beauty
His fan thought it was the only way to impress him
Plucked all the flowers and gave it to him
Allah was an animal lover and loved his pets
Never thought his followers would kill them
And offer as a gift to impress
Never thought love would be replaced by fear
Selflessness would be replace by selfishness
Their journey was beautiful indeed
Only regret is they loved everyone
And people were happy to receive
Never thought they were ignorant to give
Love is the only thing which has its true meaning
When it given not received.
Darshan Joshi



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