God – A super human (My definition of GOD)

I am not an Atheist but I highly doubt the concept of religion. God does exists in the purest form of Nature but the concept of religion really freaks me out. As there is no way God would have preached or is creator of any religion which is so complex in itself and is constantly changing and evolving as per human needs and convenience. We all humans are different in our own special physical, emotional appearances and characteristics. Don’t you think so were Gods? Who are now seen and preached as brand ambassadors of different religions.
Lord Shiva, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Allah and many more were once humans and may be the environment they lived in was so pure and simple they were smarter than us to understand life and nature. Geographically they were at different places and never met each other but their intention and purpose was clear and common. That is for sure that they understood life 100% better than us.
Everyone spoke about love, peace, equality, hope, care to all are fellow living beings (Including plants, trees and animals). I am not an expert of all religions but it seems every holy book has to say the same damn thing. I doubt God had time to write holy books may be their most trusted men wrote it and interpreted from what they understood God were preaching or to make it simple just sharing their knowledge about life. May be they were so amazed they thought well its worth writing it down for future reference. These things were happening simultaneously around the world as there were men and women who shared their knowledge on life and its beauty that mesmerized fellow beings and they were now fans and followers.
We humans and our mind constantly wants to depend on something for our emotional and physical needs which is quite normal. And so were most of humans at that time as they were happy with what they had learned from GODs. As GODs were free from attachments and expectations their sole purpose was to share their knowledge on life, love and many beautiful emotions that we humans are capable of there were people who started to build expectations and attachments and claim GOD as their own. Unaware of this things GODs were simply loving their life as they had found their purpose of life and with unconditional love for nature they found happiness in sharing their knowledge on life.
According to me, God is an artist and with his creativity and beautiful imagination this world, universe and galaxy was created. I would suggest you all to take time and see all those things which I just mentioned without judging it and you will find it so pure, colorful and simple. With our every breath we are constantly evolving and so is this nature. There is a beauty when a flower blossoms slowly and a dry leaves falling from a tree. There is a beauty in how skillfully a lion hunts his pray or a mother orangutan loves and care for her child. There is a beauty when sun rises and set. There is a beauty when you see moon shining bright surrounded by twinkling stars. There is a beauty when you see mountains standing strong and river flowing with a gentle meditative sound it makes. A beauty when a child is born and sees this world for the first time. When someone feels love for the first time. And with such a creative and mesmerizing this universe is what could be intention of GOD who is believed to be creator or if it was already created before God what made them enjoy and understand life. Was is their innocence or high IQ?
I guess both, they definitely didn’t cling on materialistic possessions which we love to care, adore and save for ourselves. They definitely didn’t claim this world, or piece of land to be theirs and fight over it and kill each other. They were humans with selfless intentions with no greed and desires of achieving something or be in competition with each other. I highly doubt things that we humans practices now as rituals or traditions were every preached by GOD. A person who is selfless and full of love would want a flower to be plucked and offered to him or sacrifice an animal to impress him. Thinking he will be happy and then open gates of heaven for us to welcome. Or pour a bucket of milk on a stone to prove you are his greatest follower. Isn’t this an insult to one who is full of love and care for all living beings? Why do we want to interfere in the course of nature and change things accordingly so that we are satisfied? Are we really praying or just doing things to comfort ourselves? Do we really love GOD or we fear if we don’t do certain superstitious things our day or life will be ruined.

Thus came the concept of religion and everyone started to claim something of their own which was universal. Followers of Lord Krishna and Shiva were now Hindus. Jesus Christ Christians and Allah Muslims and this list goes on hence human race was now divided into religions. These humans who are now termed as GODs were selfless and full of unconditional love for other would have told others to be their followers? Told people to pluck beautiful flowers and offer them or in that case sacrifice animals to reach out to them? Definitely NO, I don’t think so it’s so selfish. It feels like a business or trade that we do now a days. IF you want something you need to give something. All we pray for is list of things we want or desire. Do we ever look at people who are around suffering and needs help?
Darshan Joshi


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