It was always you …

Living my usual life in world of my own
There was a spark of light which was unknown
As I lost myself into you
Willing to drown in your deep affection
Ready to accept all your dark secrets
Questioning myself was I in my sense
Loving you more than myself on what basis
Shading my skin of who I was
Covering myself in your love without any cause
I was breaking all the rule which kept me safe
Taking blind steps, proving I was a fool
Expecting of making something beautiful out of it
Not knowing several were hurt, trying to fix it
Never knew you were kissing me with open eyes
Demean me for all your insecurities
You said,
I met you in your bad phase
And never realized
I was just trying to give your own grace
My struggle was to get out what’s best in you
Never knew, you kept count of what’s worst in me
And one day you said,
There was no point of dragging this relationship
Leaving me on my own with unanswered questions
Now after several years, I realize who the weak link
A broken string which I failed to attach
And a leakage of trust
It was always you
– Darshan Joshi

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