Accidentally poet…

I don’t know where to begin my story
As I don’t want anyone to feel sorry
There was no once upon a time
There was no dating with a bottle of wine
It was short and sweet to be honest
I don’t know what she liked in me
As I am hard to love mostly
We seldom spoke when we were together
As I have no memories of our talks
Only thing I remember is how it felt
Only thing I still feel is how we melt
It was the only time when I found myself
Lost in affection of this girl I met
Suddenly there was a change in my playlist
From hard rock I went to slow romantics
I never cared about how I looked
But suddenly felt I need to change my looks
Never stopped while crossing busy roads
Now I stop at every crossroads
Never felt responsible to anything ever
Until she said, it was me and you forever
Never gave her all the greeting cards
Until I realized when we fell apart
Now I write poems thinking of you
People call me poet and I owe it to you
Darshan Joshi

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