You will always be my everyday miracle …

You are a precious soul and a part of me. A part so beautiful and pure that I was happy to carry you for 9 months. All the pain turned into blessing when I saw your innocent eyes searching for someone to love and care and the world stopped when we saw each other for the first time. Small little hands waving in the air as if you were greeting me. Beautiful teary eyes tell me to hug you tight and make you feel safe. Skin like a flower so soft and gentle as I placed you in my arms. It felt like I was a holding a part of me or my reflection. I remember the way you smiled looking at me and way you cried wanting me to feed you. The moment I look at you I only remember a deep peace within and a smile of seeing such a beautiful little girl who I proudly say is my daughter. I remember the blissful feeling of you playing with my hair and sometime sleeping peacefully with your head on my shoulders and I could sit for hours in discomfort wanting not to disturb your sleep. I still remember your baby voice when you tried to speak with me with in your own baby way, I never understood you but surely you spoke something beautiful to me. In fact even said you loved me in your own sweet way. A bond which has no reasons or purpose except to mutually share the unconditional love we feel for each other. Your touch feels the same as you grow each day and I feel no difference in your touch from the day you touched me first time. Changes in you as you grew were like every day miracles and a sign from God that we were destined for each other.
Darshan Joshi



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