Falling Tears…

With every drop of a tear
Felt like a over flowing water from a bowl
No place to hide or go
And its seems flowing down was the best option
Breaking the long going prejudices
That strong never cries as its attribute of weak
Every drop of tear from eyes is a sign of letting go
Which needs courage and strength
Numbness of mind and heaviness of heart
Is liberated by falling tears
With events of life which were unexpected
Stressing me to its core and dragging me down
There is something inside which needs to be free
As mind play games with crazy thought
Its reactions are felt in our fragile heart
Tears are the sources to let go of sadness
And eyes are the gateway to peace
Because after you cry and there are no more tears
Your body and mind are in deep harmony
With empty mind and composed heart
The event which occurred make more sense
And the emptiness you feel is like
You are born again ready to face this world
Venting out the negatives by crying
The only thing left is positives in you
You get stronger
With courage and hope as shield for you
Hence falling tears will only make your stronger
Holding on will make you weak
With every tear drop falling gracefully
Carrying with them things I don’t need
I feel gratitude for its kindness
And blessed because I finally cried
– Darshan Joshi



If I Only knew..

If I Only knew
that I am gonna lose you
I would stop this night from falling
I would beg stars to keep shinning
And plead time to stop passing
as I want one more chance before it’s past
With you to be me and feel you close to me
If I only knew I had to let you go
I would undo words of anger we spoke
Stop yelling for once and look into your eyes
To see the love I once saw
I would break my ego but not your heart
If I only knew you had played your part
I would have stopped us from falling apart
Undo little things which broke your heart
Wish I would have met you instead of calling
Hugged you before starting a fight
Just for once should have taken a pause
To remember our Imperfect love story
If I only knew
-Darshan Joshi


Finding me ..

I remember being fragile like a beautiful flower
Ready to give away its petals to make others happy
Being judged as weak and sensitive
Safe and secured under your shed
Afraid of my own shadow and living in despair
Felt like a world full of glass
Able to see its beauty with hope
But never had a courage of breaking through
I found comfort in dreaming
Rather than fulfilling them
Suddenly I realize it was not my love
But insecurities which made me hold on to you
Every word of your pierced my heart
And made my wound deep and painful
But with your every touch it felt like
You had the power to heal me
You thought being physical made you powerful
Made me realize you were more afraid then I was
With every wounded on my soul and body
It was time to break free
And smash your glass world only to realize
It wasn’t transparent
As I was shown things which you wanted me to see
I realize my suffering made me stronger
And breaking barriers made me courageous
Being alone and feeling lonely is far more better
Then being with some and feeling lonely
By moving forward I discover my self
And things I want to do in this life
This flower will no more sacrifice its petals
But will blossom standing alone
Spreading its fragrance and beauty all around

-Darshan Joshi

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Lost Words……….

There was a time when words flowed
Like a smooth river making its way between the mountains
But now it’s lost within me
As I fail to find perfect words to write poems of what I feel
Those restless and Sleepless nights
Filling me with thoughts of different kind
Which pushed me to write down every single word of my thoughts and feelings
Was the only way I could fall asleep
Is suddenly vanished and I wonder
With my past influencing my words
Like a strong wave pushing wooden logs towards water fall
The resentments and heaviness of heart reflected my words
It’s seems I am over it finally
As I find no more words to describe
I wonder my motivation to write poems
Was the way I loved you
Or the way you betrayed me
But as It’s seems my empty mind has no more words left for you
Which concludes this chapter of my life
With clarity that loving you was a mistake
And betraying me was the best thing you ever did
– Darshan Joshi