Lost Words……….

There was a time when words flowed
Like a smooth river making its way between the mountains
But now it’s lost within me
As I fail to find perfect words to write poems of what I feel
Those restless and Sleepless nights
Filling me with thoughts of different kind
Which pushed me to write down every single word of my thoughts and feelings
Was the only way I could fall asleep
Is suddenly vanished and I wonder
With my past influencing my words
Like a strong wave pushing wooden logs towards water fall
The resentments and heaviness of heart reflected my words
It’s seems I am over it finally
As I find no more words to describe
I wonder my motivation to write poems
Was the way I loved you
Or the way you betrayed me
But as It’s seems my empty mind has no more words left for you
Which concludes this chapter of my life
With clarity that loving you was a mistake
And betraying me was the best thing you ever did
– Darshan Joshi



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