Finding me ..

I remember being fragile like a beautiful flower
Ready to give away its petals to make others happy
Being judged as weak and sensitive
Safe and secured under your shed
Afraid of my own shadow and living in despair
Felt like a world full of glass
Able to see its beauty with hope
But never had a courage of breaking through
I found comfort in dreaming
Rather than fulfilling them
Suddenly I realize it was not my love
But insecurities which made me hold on to you
Every word of your pierced my heart
And made my wound deep and painful
But with your every touch it felt like
You had the power to heal me
You thought being physical made you powerful
Made me realize you were more afraid then I was
With every wounded on my soul and body
It was time to break free
And smash your glass world only to realize
It wasn’t transparent
As I was shown things which you wanted me to see
I realize my suffering made me stronger
And breaking barriers made me courageous
Being alone and feeling lonely is far more better
Then being with some and feeling lonely
By moving forward I discover my self
And things I want to do in this life
This flower will no more sacrifice its petals
But will blossom standing alone
Spreading its fragrance and beauty all around

-Darshan Joshi

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