Poise is the only choice..

Be still and stand your ground
When everything is bound to go down
You are always left with two choices
Flow with it or stand against it
Sometime its seems running away is the obvious choice
Because you are afraid to raise your voice
Fear will always haunt you with its seductive voice
Only thing you need is a one step forward
Break all the shackles and stop living like a coward
Face the fear and get out of its seduction
When you have no control over situation
Accept its stronger then you but never resign
Sometimes courage is not to fight
But let it pass through you as you hold tight
Because after every storm there is a peace
After every grief there is a bliss
What breaks you makes you stronger
And your patience is the only renaissance
– Darshan Joshi




You will never know what life may bring to you
So never be sure what you have as your own
What was once yours may not be yours forever
What isn’t yours may be yours forever
May be life has its own flow that we fail to see
As we are blinded by what we want others to see
We see at falling leaves assuming it’s the end
Calling the scene as a beautifully sad descend
Unaware that it was a beginning for some
A small green leaf that is about to ascend
What is the end for someone could be beginning for someone else
As people watch beautiful sunset at the end of the day
For some it a beginning of a wonderful day
Every end is a sign of new beginning
Every new beginning is a mark of concluding
There are no ends and there are no beginnings
It is this continuum of universe we fail to understand
There is a peaceful flow around and within us
That we need to realize to be part of it
There is something mightier than us called life
And that we are just a particle in this circle of life
– Darshan Joshi