Transcendental love…

Waking up with sound of your heart beat
Slowly sliding out of bed to watch you sleep
You look beautiful with closed eyes
As I kneel forward to watch you closely
Gently running my fingers over your curls
And greet you with a smile as you open your eyes
You drown me into your deep brown eyes
It seems I am free falling into it
With no sense of my surroundings
There is a darkness all around me
And only light I see is in your eyes
As you blink I am stirred into my senses
And smile at you as you pull me close
You ask me where’s my daily dose
And I kiss you on your forehead, cheeks and nose
My quest on your curves and soft skin seems never ending
As I am amazed by your mysterious beauty
As we move together in this beautiful journey
Warmth and passion will always hold us together
You rein to control me and key to my heart
Will always Stops us from falling apart
– Darshan Joshi tumblr_m56et10pxp1r47bczo1_1280



It’s strange how creative we all can be
Seeing everything
We live life pretending we are unseeing
Some are forced by their habit
And some are driven by their fear
Craving for what’s far and ignoring what’s near
Building up expectations and Pleading for acceptances
Running away from real life situations
And happy with illusory imaginations
Forgotten what selflessness means to some
Its seems everybody here is to gain sum
Ready to judge others in fraction of a second
Wanting others approval to be inspired
Indulged in a battle of past and future
Overlooking how precious is today
We are so driven by obsession of possession
We fake life as if it’s an obligation
Destined for beautiful journey to space
Its seems we are circling around same place
Purpose of life is certainly lost
As we live life the way it was taught
We are so loaded by weight of our ego
To unlearn seems to be hardest part
Loving and living was never so tough
If we wouldn’t be so blindfold

– Darshan Joshi