Late 20’s ..

Its wired this poem is titled late 20’s
As I feel so ancient just by writing it
Still enjoying and happily cruising along
When I graduated all eyes were on
With hope and confidence that
Someone they thought I was about to be
Suggestions were free which people loved to share
But I knew if I listened I could reach no where
Some thought they could achieve their unfulfilled dreams through me
Some dumped their experience upon me
All I wanted is a normal chilled out conversation
But I was handed over list of do’s and don’ts
After passing through their careful observations
I knew I had shattered their hopeful expectations
They never knew a lot was going around in my life
It was very tough pretending to be nice
With heart breaks and heart aches
With success and failures
With my ever fluctuating mood swings
My mood and music were suddenly best friends
All thanks to my beautiful ex-girlfriends
Reaching Mid 20’s felt like an antique product
Ready to be displayed and auctioned to the best buyer
Everyone said it was right time to settle down
And there were loud sirens in my head
Forcing me to stay under ground
Instead of receiving pay-checks my postbox was flooded with invitation cards
Suddenly I found myself attending several marriages
Seeing happy face I was little stressed out
Not because I wasn’t the one getting hooked up
But realizing everything was so messed up
Now being in late 20’s feels more relieved
Officially being termed hopeless and disappointment
Lost my hair and gained a little weight
Happy doing 9 to 6 job with good pay and less savings
Playing with kids of my friends
And give them some wired life lessons
Love reading books and writing poems
Tattoo on my arm and still more to come
Living my life with experiences of my own
As I have grown from a boy to a man
An important question to be asked
To all those who felt I was a disappointment
What do you call a guy?
Who is single
Loves animals
Like reading books
Write poems which rarely rhymes
Has sense of humour
Who loves 3 B’s
Budweiser , blenders and bacardi
Believes in karma
Hates religion
Loves God
And respect the fact that it’s just one life we have
And who will be forever faithful to the one fact
That you all should remember
I don’t give a shit about what you think of me
Damm I am in my late 20’s
And I shall live it in a awesome way
So what does that make me?
Keep judging who cares
– Darshan Joshi




What a situation …

What a situation life bring to you
Turns out you never planned for sweet surprise it brings to you
When you thought your heart was broken and shattered
It bring along someone who heals you
In this very moment, your thoughts are attached to a name
A name that mesmerises your mind
And with all that craziness and chaos around
Still that name brings you peace with ease
What a situation life bring to you
A roller-coaster ride which leaves your head spinning
With bumpy roads and crazy twists along the journey
There is no fun in front or back seat ride
When someone isn’t there to hold you tight
And then you meet someone who hops your ride in the middle
To make your journey worthwhile
What a situation life brings to you
We prepare all our life for that special someone
With perfect looks and personality to woo
And you bump into someone beautiful
When you look wickedest and grumpy
She still manages to give you that smile
Which makes you jump like crazy
With a sign board saying “I am happy”
What a situation life bring to you
– Darshan Joshi



As a men it was my duty to be stronger
As a partner I would have always loved you longer
Our journey through space and time
Would have been easier if it was with you
But with social preconceptions we grew
As fire and ice can’t blend with each other
So is the rich and poor or black and white
Was the only mirage surrounding us
Some had roses and others had knife
Screams of fear and insecurity was intense
As you whispered those words with intent
I followed my path, detaching myself from everyone
As my soul was attached as an unbroken string
With you
I never climbed mountain of material pleasures
As our connection was like depth of an ocean
Intimacy between our hearts was so pure
Nothing was more satisfying then a thought of you
We both were standing on top of a bridge
Surrounded by hovering spirits full of despair and delusions
Ready for a free fall and let our self-go
As our souls would have met in heaven
Your presence was never required to me
Your essence was always sublime to feel
Through vibes and Aura we were connected
As we melted together at end of our voyage
We left trails of love for others to follow
And a tale for lovers to inspire
As I hope love will blossom forever
– Darshan Joshi