A white room

One day as I went to sleep
I saw myself drowning in spiral of darkness
Suddenly there was a flash of bright light
Blinding me further as I tried to avoid it
Next thing I know is
I found myself in a white room
A room with no window or door I could see
Only thing in front of my eyes was a pure white colour
In all that whiteness
I saw myself laying besides me
Never did I saw myself in such a peaceful state ever before
My mind, body and soul were in complete sync
As I saw myself blending in all the whiteness around me
A peaceful me without any fear or happiness
Without any emotions or attachments
Letting out vibrations and trying to connect
With something which was invisible yet strong
Something which made its presence felt
I could see myself changing constantly
A string connected to every cell of my body
Dying and then reborn again relentlessly
I saw that I was Reincarnating within myself
Continually evolving into something new
There was no consistency in who I was
And realizing that
My connection was never with my body
But my soul which took shelter in it
– Darshan Joshi22351715-man-with-conceptual-spiritual-body-art-mind-spiritual-soul


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