If I could ..

If I could stop hearts from breaking
If I could heal the scars that’s aching
If I could see eye to eye who have lost their vision
If I could pick up the fallen ones
If I could find the lost ones
If I could understand the silent ones
If I could cry for their dried up tears
If I could dissolve their fears
If I could hold those who wants to reach out
If I could sing for those who lost their voice
If I could give rose to those carrying guns
If I could hug those who can’t feel the touch
If I could recite the truth to this false world
If I could show light to those living in darkness
If I could inspire souls through my words
If I could believe me I would
As I surrender myself to life
Each day is a reminder that I should



Undone affections..

Loving you was the only thing I wanted to
Leaving you was the only thing I want to undo
As I walk by the memory lane after all these years we spent
Now I know I should have taken one step at time with you
I wish I could have paid attention to your moods
And now I just can wish and feel the blues
I wonder was it fault in our stars
Or were we over powered by our destiny
As to my dismay I still can’t believe
That this is what it was meant to be
I still reminisce the way you looked at the ring in the jewelry shop
And I could feel that ring has ever since longing for that look
I wish I hadn’t hang up on your calls when you needed me
As now every time my phone rings I wish it’s you
I guess you had played your part well in my life
Filled the gaps and smoothen the road ahead
But I choose to walk on the other side of the road
And now I can only watch you from a distance
Its strange know I am exactly the guy you wanted me to be
Rediscovered myself and shredded my skin of blunders
And I am sure there will be time in our life we will meet
I wish you will look at me the same way you always did
Until then let me live in this remorse as long as you are part of it


Live by your Curves ..

As cold air touches your feet creating ripples through your curves
You take a deep breath as your heart races wilder
As you lay besides me I wonder how my journey would be through your curves
Your smooth skin is like a snow coz when I touch it’s purely ecstasy
As you lay on one side I can feel ups and down through your midriff
And your belly moves like waves in rhythm of my touch
And your heart is like a volcano making surface of your body sizzle
As I run my hands through, you lift your beautiful body as if your are longing to be felt
I can see how your fingers play as you snuggle to ravishing silvery silk Blanket
As I move over your heart I can feel the vibration of a raging fire that’s wants to settle down
As I expose your neck from your long beautiful hair
My journey from your shoulders to neck is like Climbing a mountain of pink flowers and a river which flows through it serene and mystical
Your biting lips and deep breaths is like an enigma
Your red cheeks and your bright eyes is like an marvel
All seems to reflects what’s going inside your soul
And as I play with your hair it seems my expedition would end
And as I kiss your forehead there are ripples all over your curves
Making you calm with blissful sigh of breath as you settle down
Seems like rain poured over blistering surface raising a steam of love through the air
As I endure to live by your curves until my last breath


Morning Melodies..

It’s a miracle how nature finds a way to communicate
There is a sound always and everywhere we go
Dawn or dusk, summer or winter it is always there
A blissful sound rejuvenates our mind and soul
As sun rises above us to enlighten this world
That a new day has began
Every Morning there is an order to nature
As if everyone’s role in nature are predefined
Constant crowing of a hen
Squealing of restless squirrels
Chasing each other from one branch to another
Birds sing their jingles and greeting each other
Cooing sound of Pigeons flying all around
Cold air breezing through the trees
Waving and cheering as if they are enjoying this chattering
Everyone has to say something and everybody is ready to listen
It is like nature is giving us the sign through different sounds
With galling sound of digital alarm we wake up
Missing out on what’s going around us
Seldom have we wished Good morning to nature
All we hear is honking of gushing cars in traffic
Everyone is in a hurry to reach somewhere
It’s a like a race without any destination
We are so desperate to be heard or acknowledged
That we want to speak but not listen
And when we listen we think of what we will speak next
We have lost our power to connect and communicate
All we see is people with their headphones
Walking with their heads down as slaves
We were not meant to live in chaos
We are here to be part of a peaceful order
Nature where everything flows with rhythm
There is always someone who is ready to embrace us
Ready to accommodate us and make us part of them
We humans have always been part of this family
Nature has its arms wide open
So let’s join them and be one of them
Let’s sing with them and be part of
Melodious morning

– Darshan Joshi​

morning rooster