Morning Melodies..

It’s a miracle how nature finds a way to communicate
There is a sound always and everywhere we go
Dawn or dusk, summer or winter it is always there
A blissful sound rejuvenates our mind and soul
As sun rises above us to enlighten this world
That a new day has began
Every Morning there is an order to nature
As if everyone’s role in nature are predefined
Constant crowing of a hen
Squealing of restless squirrels
Chasing each other from one branch to another
Birds sing their jingles and greeting each other
Cooing sound of Pigeons flying all around
Cold air breezing through the trees
Waving and cheering as if they are enjoying this chattering
Everyone has to say something and everybody is ready to listen
It is like nature is giving us the sign through different sounds
With galling sound of digital alarm we wake up
Missing out on what’s going around us
Seldom have we wished Good morning to nature
All we hear is honking of gushing cars in traffic
Everyone is in a hurry to reach somewhere
It’s a like a race without any destination
We are so desperate to be heard or acknowledged
That we want to speak but not listen
And when we listen we think of what we will speak next
We have lost our power to connect and communicate
All we see is people with their headphones
Walking with their heads down as slaves
We were not meant to live in chaos
We are here to be part of a peaceful order
Nature where everything flows with rhythm
There is always someone who is ready to embrace us
Ready to accommodate us and make us part of them
We humans have always been part of this family
Nature has its arms wide open
So let’s join them and be one of them
Let’s sing with them and be part of
Melodious morning

– Darshan Joshi​

morning rooster


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