Live by your Curves ..

As cold air touches your feet creating ripples through your curves
You take a deep breath as your heart races wilder
As you lay besides me I wonder how my journey would be through your curves
Your smooth skin is like a snow coz when I touch it’s purely ecstasy
As you lay on one side I can feel ups and down through your midriff
And your belly moves like waves in rhythm of my touch
And your heart is like a volcano making surface of your body sizzle
As I run my hands through, you lift your beautiful body as if your are longing to be felt
I can see how your fingers play as you snuggle to ravishing silvery silk Blanket
As I move over your heart I can feel the vibration of a raging fire that’s wants to settle down
As I expose your neck from your long beautiful hair
My journey from your shoulders to neck is like Climbing a mountain of pink flowers and a river which flows through it serene and mystical
Your biting lips and deep breaths is like an enigma
Your red cheeks and your bright eyes is like an marvel
All seems to reflects what’s going inside your soul
And as I play with your hair it seems my expedition would end
And as I kiss your forehead there are ripples all over your curves
Making you calm with blissful sigh of breath as you settle down
Seems like rain poured over blistering surface raising a steam of love through the air
As I endure to live by your curves until my last breath



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