Undone affections..

Loving you was the only thing I wanted to
Leaving you was the only thing I want to undo
As I walk by the memory lane after all these years we spent
Now I know I should have taken one step at time with you
I wish I could have paid attention to your moods
And now I just can wish and feel the blues
I wonder was it fault in our stars
Or were we over powered by our destiny
As to my dismay I still can’t believe
That this is what it was meant to be
I still reminisce the way you looked at the ring in the jewelry shop
And I could feel that ring has ever since longing for that look
I wish I hadn’t hang up on your calls when you needed me
As now every time my phone rings I wish it’s you
I guess you had played your part well in my life
Filled the gaps and smoothen the road ahead
But I choose to walk on the other side of the road
And now I can only watch you from a distance
Its strange know I am exactly the guy you wanted me to be
Rediscovered myself and shredded my skin of blunders
And I am sure there will be time in our life we will meet
I wish you will look at me the same way you always did
Until then let me live in this remorse as long as you are part of it



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