Beauty in blackness..

As they say beauty is in the eye of beholder
Its seems black is the only colour which is ignored
They say after every darkness there is a light
But they don’t understand to have light there should be darkness
Which means if there is no darkness there is no light
Why is black not a colour in rainbow which we all adore
Isn’t the universe where we live is all black
Earth, stars, moon and the sun are all part of a magical darkness
Without which, stars and moon wouldn’t be so astounding
And sun would lose its purpose to rise
Yet it seems black and its darkness are ignored in our prejudice
All we wish for, is colourful life without darkness
Which is like a beautiful body without soul
Still we fight over colour and degrade the dark skinned
In spite of being from same human race
You don’t need an eye to see beauty in dark skinned women
Or a black flower deserted among colourful ones
But a heart which connects with pureness within it
So next time when you experience dark
Don’t miss the beauty in blackness
– Darshan Joshi



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