Rugged Quest..

I am a momentary traveller who desires for new experiences
Defying perceptions of my mind and fear inside my heart
Uprooting the seeds of prejudices been ploughed inside me so deep
I need to let go of it inch by inch as I touch new horizons
Shed my skin and turn into someone unique
This transformation has made me distorted among my own
I walk by the barren land and undiscovered paths
Meeting those who have been ignored by their own kind
Never keep count of my tumbles and catastrophes
Instead record every step I took to stand up and walk again
Turning back I see an uneven path worthy to be walked on
And a new place with its own enigmatic setting
I am a transitory writer who writes new chapter every day
Making sure no story is spilled to the next day
All my characters are imperfect like me with their unique flaws
I glorify their blunders to learn something valuable
Their suffering makes them stand out among others
Their struggles makes them worthy leaders
Influencing those without direction and purpose
Ending every chapter with a hailed wisdom
Twinkling stars indicates closure of a chapter
Rising sun directs me to start with a new character
Each day as I gaze myself in the mirror
I encounter someone new holding a blank page
– Darshan Joshi

trees men centaur digital art 1280x800 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_68


One thought on “Rugged Quest..

  1. It is one highly motivating piece, Writing new chapter daily and making sure that those doesn’t have an imprint of the previous one. I especially liked the last line, a blank page; which can be filled with new hopes and desires and joy or yesterdays defeat can be poured out on it. Everyone struggles in their lives but whether that struggle mould you into a survivor and a fighter or break you into pieces depends completely on you. Really, an eloquent and royally beautiful poem.

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