Piercing Words..

It’s better to live with Guilt of words unspoken
Then to live with words which can’t be undone
An Arrow which has left its bow can’t be stopped
So are the words spoken with resentment
Like a gunshot slaying a deer, fascinates hunter
Hurtful words of an self-seeking men stabs the heart
As sound of a volcano echoes around even after it erupted
Blistering smoke rises above the highland crack
A hurtful dialog likes to resonate itself again and again
Piercing in a fractured heart affecting it deeply
A shattered heart takes time to heal
As war rages inside to recognize what’s real
So it’s essential to shut when you want to shout
It’s ok to be socially aloof with few companions
Rather than networking with no dignity
People who speak unkind words
Are gifted with powerful vocabulary
A power misjudged and misused by many
An ability that can instigate if used sensibly
So it’s wise to be a man of few words
When you are gifted but untrained
– Darshan Joshi



2 thoughts on “Piercing Words..

  1. This poem gives an essential lesson of life,the message, think before you speak is wonderfully crafted in the poem. Quoting Shakespeare “Words once spoken cannot be taken back” and hence we should make a better choice of words.Good work Darshan. Good Luck.

    1. Thank you so much Aayushi for your kind words.
      Its great to connect with fellow writer who shares the same passion.
      Your poems are equally deep and beautiful.
      A poem which connects is a poem written from heart with true feelings and emotions.
      I wish you best lucky in this beautiful journey of yours and keep inspiring people.
      Its just once we live so lets makes this world a better place with our words.
      Darshan Joshi

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