Ironically hitched

Hey girl tell me the reason
Of your absurd behavior
I don’t know what you are looking for
Tried to solve your riddle a thousand times
But it seems with every failure you smile
I can’t figure out the hidden sarcasm in it
It’s annoying why my pursuit is unfinished
It’s so bizarre with your pleasing expression
I feel in the air a mystic burning sensations
Is it a weird silence before a storm or after?
But I am sure there was or could be one
I don’t know if I need to prepare or prevent
Or m I a guiltless victim or blameable culprit
I wonder about, how it could matter
When you control of my cradle
I wonder what’s with me
As my tiny brain fails to interpret you
There is something which connects us as one
With your each push, I am pulled near you
It’s certain I will be content as long as I fear
With all our imperfection I will love you infinitely my dear
And keep wrecking my mind till eternity
When you expect me to understand
Your overwhelmingly modest complexity
– Darshan Joshi



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