Heartfelt anxiety…

Tell me the secret behind beauty in your glimpse
I wonder how it will be in your magical dreams
Do I stand a chance to be a part of it?
Or Am I the only dream that seems to exists
I wonder does my name crosses your mind
Or is the only thing you think every single time
I wonder does your heart read my signals when we talk
As it seems your eyes are too busy gazing at me
To my knowledge I am not gifted with hypnotic power
Nor my words spellbound your senses
But its appears you are daydreaming of something unique
Which I fail to figure out, that I confess
You always look around while speaking with me
And force me to look into your eyes as I speak
You ask me what I will have at a fancy restaurant
And switch dishes to have mine as it arrives
We go on our casual window shopping every weekend
And I see you halt at every jewelry shop end to end
As if you are in pursuit of something worthy
And I feel emptiness on your finger as you hold my hand
I wonder is all this just my crazy imagination
Or a sign I have been misreading while making assumptions
I am very sure there will never be a clear indication
It’s time for me to lay down all my loving intentions
And for heaven sake let’s stop this hide and seek
As I am crystal clear you are the one my heart miss



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