Break free..

There are times when you are drained
Dark room is suddenly your best friend
Your actions doesn’t necessary match your goals in life
Nor your expression matches with what’s going on inside
Still you wake up every day to do what you are best at
To pretend that everything is absolutely alright
Taking a step back is not an option any more
Rushing forward recklessly is impossible as your fear roar
Time flies and you see yourself in the mirror with wrinkly eyes
Listening to that little voice from inside, screaming the same old thing
To stop pretending and for once live life the way you want
Be brave and fight the fears that always haunt
Decision may be hurtful for people whom you love
As they are glued by expectation and attachment you always perform
You are like a beautiful Cockatoo in a cage, loved and cared by its owner
Visually stunning and approachable to all who gaze
But denied its basic purpose to fly and to be free
So when you choose break the cage and live life your way
There may be displeasures and heartbreaks on your pathway
But look up in the sky and see what you have missed
It’s time for you to fly and embrace the beauty that exists
And there will be a time when your loved ones will realize
You are even more beautiful when you fly



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