Eternal Blending..

When yellowness of hot sun blends with blueness of cool sky it makes greenery of nature more refreshing
When sound of thunder blend with greyness of sky it makes smell of wet brown mud more soothing
When red lava of raging hot volcano blends with smooth flowing waves of ocean it forces steam to dance along rhythm of rising wind to be a part of dense dark clouds
When sound of a water fall blends with singing of birds it expresses swaying of trees like they are dancing on the melody of nature
When illusion of sun blending with moon emerges in the sky as eclipse it creates a golden ring as if universe has crowned our earth
When falling autumn leaves blends with dried up land detaching itself from weathering tree and passing its beauty to the land indicates beauty never dies it just changes form
When you blend with a stranger and it feels like one of your own remember your souls had met each other in past through the journey of time and space.
When my poems blends with your feelings it connect us through an invisible string which will get stronger with your every heartbeat



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