An Encounter..

I never knew closest I would get to know myself was to be alone
But then I thought I wouldn’t mind a company to walk along
As I entered the dense woods, I was greeted by wet muddy smell
And trees waving at me with a greeting “Welcome my dear friend”
As I walk along a rugged path clicking pictures of beauty around me
Seldom stopping to write a note on feelings inside of me
With occasional drizzle, making greenery more refreshing
As water from heaven cleanse every corner of the woodland
As I see a dew drop gently dripping from one leaf to another
Seems like a piece of diamond being shared by two beautiful ladies
Mesmerized by rhythm of activities around me, a voice touch my ears
And I couldn’t help but to change my path and move towards it
As I moved closer to this voice, strangely it seemed the most soothing melody
I see an old lady sitting on a woodblock, collecting dry leaves as she sings along
She looked at me with a smile and continued with her chores
As I walked towards her it felt like someone I had always known
Or someone who was always around me but unnoticed
Wrinkles on her face and glowing eyes was just an add on to her beautiful voice
As I spoke to her, we mingled as if we had a past connection
Sharing an occasional laugh, she just blended with surroundings
And then
I asked her, what she would do with all those dry leaves
She said once these were part of a thriving tree
And now they are abundant and needed a motherly love
It took a moment for me to just rephrase what she had said
But then I thought let me take a photo with her as a wonderful remembrance
Returning back, there was something that changed within me
Or a cord inside of me which had unraveled itself making me peaceful
Still trying to figure out meaning of her response
As I set in my room, going through the photos
I came across one which stunned me
It was just me, the nature, the woodblock and dried leaves
Suddenly I found myself wondering about old lady
Trying to go through flashes of what had happened
And as I closed my eyes I could just see her smiling face
Wondering about her disappearance
As I am about to write, I found a dry leaf in between my note
And all the blocks inside of me started to fall apart
Making a clear sense, that I was always protected by her
There was someone always watching over me and loving me
She was not part of the nature, she was the nature
She was Mother Nature



Journey of a mislaid soul..

It seems my pursuit for happiness is making me isolated
As I sit by the window with my wandering eyes and crazy thoughts
Its seems the more I am drown into this madness of my mind
I am missing out on sensing the beauty of that moment
As I keep starring at random things until I am blacked out
Glued to a thought which is very startling yet thrillingly depressing
Only a humming bird can break my hypnotic daydream and give me a reality check
As I blink to realize that it’s just a mysterious fantasy I am drowning into
Abruptly my heartbeat serenities like a soothing waterway
Which was once raging with wild and high currents of fear and anxiety
Its seems the more curious I got of what’s next
I lost track of who I am and moment that passed by
Preparing myself for a imminent battle that I imagined
A battle which was far from being a reality
It felt like being stuck in my own web, impossible to untangle
As I look in the mirror I find someone worth pitying
Someone who is haunted by his own ego, afraid of his own reflection
Fearing all the helping hands would someday stab me from behind
Waiting for a voice or a light that would guide me
And pull me out of this chaos which is my own creation
As I deserve a second chance to prove my worthy existence