Journey of a mislaid soul..

It seems my pursuit for happiness is making me isolated
As I sit by the window with my wandering eyes and crazy thoughts
Its seems the more I am drown into this madness of my mind
I am missing out on sensing the beauty of that moment
As I keep starring at random things until I am blacked out
Glued to a thought which is very startling yet thrillingly depressing
Only a humming bird can break my hypnotic daydream and give me a reality check
As I blink to realize that it’s just a mysterious fantasy I am drowning into
Abruptly my heartbeat serenities like a soothing waterway
Which was once raging with wild and high currents of fear and anxiety
Its seems the more curious I got of what’s next
I lost track of who I am and moment that passed by
Preparing myself for a imminent battle that I imagined
A battle which was far from being a reality
It felt like being stuck in my own web, impossible to untangle
As I look in the mirror I find someone worth pitying
Someone who is haunted by his own ego, afraid of his own reflection
Fearing all the helping hands would someday stab me from behind
Waiting for a voice or a light that would guide me
And pull me out of this chaos which is my own creation
As I deserve a second chance to prove my worthy existence



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