Future one..

Hey you, Future one
Now is the time to have some fun
I have been waiting for my turn
So stop what you doing and turnaround
As I have been standing with flowers holding my ground
Don’t make me feel like a pitiful dog
Wagging my tail as u dance round and round
I say, stop for a while and reveal yourself
As I have been counting stars and guessing where you dwell
And I know very well, it’s just matter of time
When we will sing out loud and our love will rhyme
I wonder if you love life as I do
Or should I use my magic upon you to woo
I am sure there must be time, when we had passed by
On the road or in my dreams our souls would have high fived
So open the closet or fall from sky as it doesn’t matter
I will always be the one, who will be first to flatter
As my heart was broken, several times at least
I have added a firewall to erase who misfits
Now I take careful steps to heal what’s shattered
And leave behind memories which once mattered
So I take my steps and you take yours
And I will always be the one to give you what’s yours
Accept the way you are and continue with our course
So are you on your way? Or do you need a horse?
Hurry up, as I am tired of writing poetries that rarely rhyme
Have been listening to Enrique’s rhythm divine
Trust me I have shouted from a foothill saying
Is it me you’re looking for?
Got hit by an echo saying “damm it NO”
So hey you, open yourself to love
And you shall find me with your luck
Or the one whom you deserve
coz that would probably suck
– Darshan Joshi


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