I’ll keep on moving

I see myself standing at edge of a cliff
Ready to free fall as I had lost all beliefs
Shivering hands and broken heart
Trying to step ahead as everything had fallen apart
Every heart beat felt like a sledgehammer
Digging a hole to bury my soul forever
Eagles and scavengers hovering around
Wanted me fallen to the ground
My dried up tears wanted to descent no more
As I was dragged by burden of past to my core
There were whispers of words
Spoken to people I had hurt
I could see their teary eyes and shattered hopes
My hands were cold and my lips had dried
As I was already half dead inside
Seeing me reluctant, deep valley said
I will care, just come to me if you dare
Closed my eyes and took a deep breath
Ready to leave everything behind and sleep into death
Suddenly a Cold breeze pass by me
Felt a touch like someone was there to guide me
Whispered, just stay as tomorrow is a new day
Let your past behind as sun is about to shine
Dawn will bring new hope to this world
Somethings will end and somethings will began
For you were not here to stop living
Open you heart to this life and start believing
And say
I’ll keep on moving



I write..

I write because something inside me forces me to pen down my thoughts. It’s like an adrenaline rush that makes me restless until I do something to calm down, so I write.

Most of the times it may not make sense to those who read my poems or articles but remember, that is who I am without your acceptance or rejection that is who I will be and it won’t change. I write because something inside me screams every single day that’s it’s just once we live, so I write

I am not here forever but my words and deeds will be so that’s my focus in life. Most struggle to find their purpose and I have found it so let me be true and faithful to it because my mind goes crazy if I don’t, so I write

I feel the feeling what others go through even if I personally haven’t experienced it. I feel the pain, I feel the joy, I feel the excitement of things I haven’t been through and may be i am an old soul, so I write

How much ever crazy it may seems I live in alternate world where I am a responsible guy and expected to do things which I mostly do until the day ends but as the night creeps in and I become someone who has thousands of thoughts hovering around in my mind and there are few in particular which tries to pop out like lighting in a thunder storm, so I write
– Darshan Joshi


She said He said

He: You know we can’t love each other forever right?
She: I know but let’s keep on trying, we might
I can’t imagine losing you or living without you
He: You know what? I keep imaging exactly the opposite
How would my life be without you?
She: why?
He: Coz when I feel that awful feeling, I realize you are my world
So I keep reminded myself, weird isn’t?
She: Yes, I fear losing you and you keep on imagining that..
He: hmmm
She: how do you feel? When I hold your hand?
He: Normal! Human touching a human
She: Right Arrhggg Normal!
He: Ok Ok, I will tell you how I feel
When you play with my fingers I feel you are a pianist
She: A pianist?
He: Yes, she knows her keys and rhythm. And when she plays, it creates a beautiful music from a piano which is otherwise a lonely standing piece of wood without any meaning and is nothing without her touch.
She: And ……
He: When you hold my hands tightly, I feel it’s not you who wants a secure feeling but it’s me whom you want to hold on to forever
She: You know you say this things and I get more attached to you
He: Yes babe, I know
She: (with tears in her eyes) I promise you that no matter what…….…..
He: stop, don’t say it
She: why?
He: just don’t say it, I don’t want you to promise me anything.
She: Why?
He: Promises are made when you want someone to believe that you are not lying and I have no reason to doubt you coz I know whatever this future has in store for us, we will sail through together
She: Yes we will…… And you know who is the captain, right?
He: You are already my Queen, now you also want to be my Captain?
She: Yessss
He: Alright Captain, Let’s sail together..


Paradox existence

This world is inspired by, the sadness around
We know, we spent our life walking the same ground
We dream, we wish and we fantasies
All those things which are beautiful lies
We fall in love, we break hearts and get our hearts broken
We try to heal, we try to feel and get back on the track
Still looking for that feeling that will melt our heart again
It’s like you stand up just to fall down again
Should we walk? Should we stop? Should we stand? Or should we fly?
Knowing our heart will snap more, hearing good byes
Some collect stamps, some collect cards
And some collect pieces of our their broken hearts
Still we love to hope, even if there is no scope
Still we keep trying, knowing our heart won’t stop crying
Losing people around at regular intervals
Meeting those destined at different levels
Expecting happiness from those who love sadness
Searching for a desert rose, is a kind of madness
It’s like, we are wheeling in an opposite direction
As circle of life seems to be all perception
– Darshan Joshi


What if?..

What if you love someone
That you know will never be yours
What if you know she the one you dream
But you will never be part of her reality
What if you want to hold her hand
But she has a ring on her finger saying you can’t
What if you want to look in her eyes
Knowing you will shy way when she looks at you
What if you want to tell her truth
But you are ok living life like a beautiful lie
What if you know that you deserve her
But let her have what she desires
What if you wake up every day, thinking today is the day
And end up doing nothing
What if you want to run away from her
But your heart keeps back tracking every time
What if you regret falling in love with her
Knowing that’s the most beautiful thing ever happened to you
What if you have a feeling of losing her
Knowing you were far from wining her heart
What if she liked what I wrote
But never understood for whom it was
What if she realizes it’s her after reading
And just like my poem and ignore her feelings
What if?



By your side ..

I am here for you, trust me its true
I’ll stand my ground, would never quit on you
I’ll hold your hand, until you smile again
Isn’t it true? We are lover and will sail it through
Just trust my love, as I always be next to you
If you want that space, I will be far from you
But remember my darling, I’ll keep an eyes on you
Coz what we are going through, it is not true
So I am here, if you want me to
I’ll make you smile, as I always do
I’ll make you blush, as I want that look
As this dark days passes by
Remember it always you and I
I hope someday, I can bring back that smile
Which melt my heart, as I feel it through thousand miles
Through my simple words, I hope it impresses you
As in my heart, this what I am going through
I still remember, first time I had seen you
Still those bells ring, singing I love you
I don’t want to invade, your difficult phase
But just remember that you have shoulders to lean on to
I don’t want to cross your path, as you walk alone
I was there when we began,
So I promise you, I’ll be there until the end


Come back to heaven

Oh my little one, come back to heaven
Paradise which I once created, seems had many loop holes
Even falling leaves had its own beauty in the end
And seeing it fall, hurt me as I couldn’t pretend
For you were my special creation, as this world needed one
To my dismay, even this cosmic ocean felt abandoned
As it carried you to the shore where the sands were ready to cuddle
Oh my little one, come back to heaven
All my plans for you were broken into shackles
As this clouds above grieved how could this happen
Dolphins underneath were ready to guard you, but I said it was never meant to
Sorrowful moon was wounded as there were many falling stars
Said, save the little one as it’s not his time to be a shining star
All I could do, is to let nature take its course
As I knew, you will be part of my many remorse
Oh my little one, come back to heaven
My tears drop when I try to find root cause
As it seems all have been fighting in the name of God
And it seems
Harmless are those people who don’t believe in me
Felt like my purpose had somewhere lost
As I couldn’t face my own shadow
Oh my little one, come back to heaven
Your soul will have another chance
To make difference in this world of dreadful trance
Let me reach for you and make you sit on my lap
As I can’t see you struggle, before this world collapse
Let me show you, where I live and make you believe
I am not a bad person, didn’t wanted this world to grieve
All that happened was never part of my plan
So allow me to take you into my arms
Oh my little one, come back to heaven


Beautiful Stranger..

There was a girl, sitting by a table in an old cafe
I didn’t mean to stare but my eyes disobeyed
She sat in the corner, waiting for someone but I didn’t care
Coz I felt the feeling which was missing in me since decade
She had a short hair and geeky glasses on her face
And it seemed her heart was somewhere misplaced
With her beautifully sad face, she sipped a coffee
May be reading a letter or a paraphrase
And took a timely break to think over what she read
I had to look around to assure no one’s watch me stare
As my eyes were glued like she was a beauty landscape
My mind said stop acting weird and my heart said carry on my dear
My heart was beating on a normal speed
Had a smile on my face you should have seen
She took me by surprise as she caught me gazing
And I acted like a statue with no expression on my face
She gave me a smile with dimple on her cheeks
And to avoid falling down, I stepped on someone’s feet
Didn’t care to apologies to a guy standing beside me
I smiled back stopping my eyes as they tried to wink
She smiled at me again and I smiled back
I wish someone would have punched me to give me a reality check
Except the guy whom I had just stepped on by mistake
It seemed my story of love at first sight had just started
Next thing I see, she was kissed and hugged by a guy
The same guy whom I had stepped upon
Felt like he took a sweet revenge by stepping on my heart
And cracked more as she didn’t even say good bye
Never thought my heart could be broken in just a day
Although my love story was short lived
I wish I could meet that beautiful stranger someday


Random Cross-roads

I never get it first time, may be I am slow to understand what’s been offered to me and their intentions to preach me things they want me to believe which I haven’t experienced yet. Sometimes I feel I am falling coz I over stepped on something I shouldn’t have but sometimes I feel I was pushed so I could fall down, deliberately to make me understand. I have been looked upon as someone who can fulfil their dreams or achieve things they never did. Tired of losing they want to win through me so they could be proud of something at last they would achieve. The more they guide the more misguided I feel. It seems I am living someone else’s life. The more I say yes to things I should have said no the more I distant myself from who I am. Feels like I am just a character in a movie and my life story is written by someone else. I don’t want to be dragged n pushed just coz it’s important to learn few things. Most of the times when I feel awaken is middle of the night and rest of the day seems like I am obligated to do certain things Coz everyone around me is doing exactly the same things. The problem is no one challenges no one. People get offended fast not Coz I did something wrong but coz I shattered their expectations. There is always a comparison and competition wherever i go and most of the time i leave myself out of it coz I love simple things. I find happiness with not how much I earn nor my designation but with some phenomenon happening naturally or in its original form. I fight my fears everyday sometimes they win and sometime I do but isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? I don’t want to create a web around me but a freeway for someone to walk in or move out as they like coz I am here to play my part and I am sure people in my life will play theirs.
I don’t want to learn how to love instead I prefer falling in love. I don’t want to marry instead I want my soul to flawlessly connect with someone which can’t be broken ever. I have had my heart broken many times and yes I have broken hearts too and after all this years I feel it was best thing that ever could happen to me or person with me. I have wasted many months listening to sad songs and locking myself in but it was necessary. Nothing lasts forever so you naturally move on in life. You cannot be happy or sad forever and the same is with love, you cannot love someone forever coz there are times when love fades away and it’s just two bodies living with each other. Some are happy to drag life the same way because of the insecurities and some step out of it and start freshly coz life always gives you chances to live the way you always wanted. And when you can’t love someone forever make sure you are with someone whom you connect with from your heart and soul coz when love fades, it’s that connection which keep things alive and off course as couple things needs to be re-invented. So I am ready for re-invention, I am ready for the struggles of life because someone rightly said “there’s always going to be struggle in life so choose wisely whom you want to struggle with” And because of all the random things I have written on this article which may have no link with each other I will name it “Random Cross-roads”


Don’t be my wife

Yes you heard me right, PLz don’t be my wife
Yes I said it and I truly mean it coz I am not high
Be a girl, Be a women or be a lady
Coz I just don’t want a wife, I want a friend
I don’t want someone who always sacrifices her dreams
Yes I want someone who fight for her rights and believe in deeds
Someone who is imperfectly natural and don’t care about anyone but just me
Someone who doesn’t look around but into my eyes as we speak
Someone who drags me and say let’s just not eat but cook together
Someone who doesn’t stand behind me but besides me
Fights off her troubles and catch me when I fumble
She doesn’t care about who’s on her side coz most important is her pride
Someone who doesn’t need high heels or make up to show her confidence
A lady by nature, a women by thoughts and a girl by heart
Someone who can look into my eyes and speak her mind
I don’t care if she has more male friends then I do coz she will be mine
Someone who doesn’t believe in comparisons but compassion
Tell me straight into my face when she wants space
Hold my hand and kiss me in the most unromantic place
Someone who has intellect and little bit of craziness
Coz eventually she has to deal with me
Someone who jokes with my ex-girlfriends
Saying “You lucky bitches”
Coz I am half way through my life
And I definitely don’t need just a wife