Don’t be my wife

Yes you heard me right, PLz don’t be my wife
Yes I said it and I truly mean it coz I am not high
Be a girl, Be a women or be a lady
Coz I just don’t want a wife, I want a friend
I don’t want someone who always sacrifices her dreams
Yes I want someone who fight for her rights and believe in deeds
Someone who is imperfectly natural and don’t care about anyone but just me
Someone who doesn’t look around but into my eyes as we speak
Someone who drags me and say let’s just not eat but cook together
Someone who doesn’t stand behind me but besides me
Fights off her troubles and catch me when I fumble
She doesn’t care about who’s on her side coz most important is her pride
Someone who doesn’t need high heels or make up to show her confidence
A lady by nature, a women by thoughts and a girl by heart
Someone who can look into my eyes and speak her mind
I don’t care if she has more male friends then I do coz she will be mine
Someone who doesn’t believe in comparisons but compassion
Tell me straight into my face when she wants space
Hold my hand and kiss me in the most unromantic place
Someone who has intellect and little bit of craziness
Coz eventually she has to deal with me
Someone who jokes with my ex-girlfriends
Saying “You lucky bitches”
Coz I am half way through my life
And I definitely don’t need just a wife



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